Benefits for Investors


Strong Financial Returns

The most attractive incentive for angel investing is outstanding financial returns. Another attractive factor is the ability to add value to investments through mentoring, coaching, and sharing expertise and contacts.

Recognizing the benefits of aggregating capital and resources, an increasing number of angels are investing as groups. As a member of an angel group, investors realize many benefits not available to individual angels. As a member of SBIC Participations, you will have access to unique benefits that come with being a member of a fast growing network of angel investors.



We are guided by a strong, international and experienced management team that brings years of expertise to the deal identification, screening, due diligence and management processes.

Our Members are some of the most successful and influential business leaders in the region and bring their expertise to the investment selection process.


Excellent Deal Flow

Leveraging our strong relationships with industry organizations, colleagues and members’ individual networks results in some of the Europe’s best deal flow.
For example, SBIC Participations is connected with ESA-BIC Noordwijk, the start-up incubation program by the European Space Agency. This incubation program is aimed at supporting companies using space-technology.


Thorough Due Diligence

Aggregating resources allows us to leverage members’ expertise to perform thorough due diligence on investments and reduce investment risk.



Investing as a group allows you to better diversify your angel portfolio and mitigate risk


Favourable Deal Terms

A larger capital pool means greater leverage during negotiations, translating directly to more favourable valuations and deal terms.


Learning and Networking

Learn the ropes from more experienced angels in the group.

Expand your network with some of the most successful professionals and entrepreneurs in the region.


Flexibility and Control

SBIC Participations members have the freedom to create their own portfolios.

Each member has the choice to opt into an investment after they’ve had the opportunity to attend entrepreneur presentations and review due diligence reports.


The management services provided by SBIC Participations minimize work and maximize tax benefits for our investors.

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